Nime Chow Salad

So this salad would not be Whole30 compliant if I were not adapting it for vegetarian. Legumes are off the list for Whole30 if you’re a meat-eater, but I use legumes a little bit, and since peanuts are a legume, they are technically off the menu.

That said, I have peanut powder which is super low in fat, and, therefore, super low in calories. I often use the peanut powder to make thai-style dressing. I could have used almond butter to be in compliance, but I figured I’m already allowing legumes, that peanut powder is going to be okay for the dressing.

I haven’t ever had it with “meat,” but now that I am thinking about it, I would bet that my Slo-n-Lo tofu would be really good on it. It’s a hefty salad; I’d say it weighed more than a pound when I pulled it out of the bag. It took me my whole lunch period to eat it.

This salad is truly one of my most favorite of all time. It’s layered with finely shredded cabbage, lettuce and greens, thai basil, carrots, green onions, bean thread and mung bean sprouts, garnished with a lime wedge. The dressing is just minced garlic and ginger, peanut powder, rice vinegar, date syrup (technically not compliant, but it is a very small amount to cut the acid, not to sweeten), and water.

To make it fully compliant, I’d bet it would be good with cashew butter and pineapple juice.


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