So the very first of the seedlings started yesterday > it was the radishes. They’ve grown quite tall already but no true leaves yet, so I’m hoping by the weekend I can put them into their little brown starter cups. Man, I get excited about this sort of thing.


They’re growing like crazy! Just yesterday they were half this size:


I’ve got them in a south-facing window in a warm room near a space heater and everything is just going ape. The green beans have started to sprout also, but from the bottom. I noticed this afternoon that one of the green bean cells “grew” upwards, so I lifted it out with its toothpick flag and saw beautiful white sprouts. Yay!


And the first carrot sprout came up this morning, too!


In the kitchen I have peas sprouting, but they’re taking a little longer because I don’t have a dome for the tops of those containers. I want to kick around some of the dirt on the cantaloupe and see if they’re doing anything, but I’m trying to let them sprout in peace. They get really great light there, though. I’m harvesting all kinds of seeds also, from our daily produce, so that I can keep the seedlings coming and maybe give some to the neighbors or donate them to the Community Garden that I’m volunteering at this Summer.

Taking tips from Gayla at, I’ve decided to work as much of the garden in pots as possible. That way, I can move the pots to the sun or shade or whatever they need. I’ve got all the fruit bushes in pots on the front porch for now because it gets the most sun, but they might want a little more shade after they start developing, so having them in pots is really convenient.


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