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Well, 2017 is shaping up to be reasonably silly!

I went to yoga this morning feeling a lot like Gregor Samsa and smelling a bit worse. Apparently, I publicly announced that I would essentially cheat the system for Eve on the 30-day challenge (starts Jan 9). I wasn’t thinking of it that way, but that’s what I said.  (Really, what I was saying is that I would help her use the stars as motivation, and that they would check it against their records for validity anyway.)

Justin & I went up to Market Basket where every living soul in Greater Providence also was. People spoke to me on purpose, and touched me by accident, and I was irritated-under-thin-cover, but I got over it when I did the math for our produce (71¢.lb). I ran into a neighborhood friend at “the Basket,” and she showed me photos of her beautiful, brand new nephew (yay!). He reminded me of baby Aivar, and I got a tiny bit whistful, but then I remembered I was way too deep in the belly of America to be sensitive.

I made some strange “guacamole” out of green peas and cilantro. I think it will be tasty. I bet it’d be really good on chips, but I’ve banned myself from packaged foods for a while. I’ll try it on potatoes tomorrow.

And here it is, nearly 11, and we’ve got 5, count’em F I V E hot water bottles heating up our bed. I can hardly wait to put my body in it! Here’s to it!