Market Day 082708

I realize I’m a couple days late on this, but our weekend was especially busy with a Top Secret project and a bunch of client work I was trying to hash out…

You can have no expectations with Winter Market. Some weeks there may be abundance; some weeks there is nothing. I still didn’t get my ricotta, so I put an order in for this coming saturday so I can finally get my hands on that creamy goodness.

This last week there was a bluegrass band. Totally unexpected and a welcomed surprise for a blistery cold Saturday – we were able to get an ounce of warm sunshine at least in the vibe.

Hear it Here! Music from Farmers Market

Of course, pickin’s are slim at Winter Market – pretty much down to potatoes, apples, squash and coffee. There are clams & oysters, too, except I can’t kill clams, and I don’t care for oysters and Justin doesn’t either, so we’re pretty much nixing the idea of it.

So we caught the trolley to the East Side Market where I found a lovely ensemble of strange fruits, vegetables, berries & roots to consider, namely the Horseradish Root featured below:

I’ve never seen horseradish in its native state, but it really makes one consider nature’s intentions. Not long ago my sister sent me an article that had several vegetables and their shapes and what they are supposed to promote or benefit within the body and how the shape they are kind of correlates with the part they benefit. For instance, carrots – when sliced – resemble the iris of an eye; avacado sliced in half resembles a womb, etc. So, let’s see… what part of the body does horseradish benefit, hmm??

It’s something to think about….

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