Lasioli or Ravasagne?

For Justin’s birthday today I made him a special concoction that I’m not sure what to call..

Originally, I had intended to make ravioli, but then decided I didn’t care for the sauce enough on its own to have it that way. I thought about baking the ravioli… and this is what happened.

I started out with homemade pasta using

  • 1C wheat flour
  • 1C unbleached white flour
  • 2TBS Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
  • 2 eggs

In a bowl, I made the well and cracked the eggs into it. I hand-beat the eggs incorporating flour until it got to the point where I had to hand-mix the rest of the flour in. I formed a ball and ran the dough through the widest setting of the pasta extruder, then let it rest for about 15 minutes.

After dough was rested, I extruded lasagne sheets and set aside. I prepared filling with

  • 1C Ricotta cheese
  • 2TBS Green Olive Muffeta
  • 1TBS Jalapeno Spread

Take dough, add filling, fold over and cut into ravioli. Crimp. I made odd shapes for no good reason.

In a 9×9 pan, spread a thin layer of sauce. Lay ravioli like you would lasagne noodles. Use leftover filling in spaces between ravioli. Make a layer of vegetables. In this case I only had mushrooms, but I would have liked to have had spinach, tomatoes & basil, preferably all fresh.
Add layers of mozzarella cheese and repeat layers.

Bake at 350º for 20 minutes or until bubbling rapidly. Serve with a kind, green salad.

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