Kathy’s Chickens & Greenhouse

Just in from Arkansas!

You know at first they looked like they were eating only the bugs–but after a few days of freedom my chickens made the broccoli look like this.

My greenhouse is under pine trees. In the winter it is too dark for lettuce to grow. I’m thinking of a cold frame or a smaller greenhouse that gets sun in the winter. I did grow good lettuce on my carport during the summer – it gets just morning sun. In the full sunlight during the summer it goes to seed real fast.

I know everything is a matter of timing and placement. Thank goodness tomatoes and even corn is easy to grow here. I’m not good at vegetable gardening – but I keep trying.

And it’s ok that the chickens got the broccoli – they make lots of good eggs for me. I even grow sprouts for them. Also I have been to the “you grow girl” site- I enjoy it – altho – I am now in search for a perennial patchouli plant because of what I read there. I also saw she had an article in my newest Organic Gardening Mag.

You know I was thinking I could only send new pictures of the green house – these are all older ones. Because it is so big (26′ x 60′) we had only one choice of where to put it. I’m glad it is under trees in the summer – but in the winter I wish they were deciduous as the sun is so low. It is quite overcast here in the winter. The orchids are ok. I’m surprised they take the extremes of temperature so well. The showy plants are caladium’s and very easy to grow spring thru fall – in medium light. They do not like the cold and will die back to just bulbs that need to be kept warm & dry. That’s my hot tub in spring time. Morning glories are easy too and grow all over the place. The snow is from last year in Feb. We haven’t had any this year. Hope I didn’t over load you with pics.

I’m jealous!

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