KaleStorm ’08



After the hailstorm provided us our first bounty of kale (which is making a triumphant return, btw), we had to figure out what to do with it all. Of course you already saw the kale & ravioli soup, but that only took care of about a third of our harvest, so we still had a bunch of kale to eat up.

So we have both really enjoyed Kale & Eggs. I’m not usually a fan of steamed greens, but very quickly steamed is perfect with already sauteed onions & garlic in olive oil.

In the fashion of “waste not, want not” and to help the garden recover, we have been saving our eggshells to later grind down into a food for the tomato plants…

I read somewhere that the eggshells provide a source of calcium for the tomatoes to grow very strong, so now I’m saving all my shells. But back to kale.

I have found that leaves, for some reason, seem to keep better if they’re packed very tightly in a container. So I had packed almost all the kale into a sandwich bag, which – when looking at it – doesn’t seem like very much, but like clowns in a volkswagen bus, it just keeps on giving.

And of course, we had the kale on eggs again this morning, which used up the last of it.

Truth is, we planted something like 12 kale plants, so we’ll be eating kale far more regularly than before. Just need to find more ways to prepare it.


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