Hailstorms Make Soup & Muffins…



Sometimes life events dictate your meals. At least in our house it is this way.

This afternoon we had this out-of-the-blue “captain insano” hailstorm that wiped out most of our garden. It will probably survive, just most of what was close to harvesting nature harvested for us is all.

What that basically boils down to is a whole bunch of kale, so I made soup. It was so freaking good.

Kale Ravioli Soup:

In a soup pot, I poured in six cups of water and added 1 chopped onion, 1 small cubed potato, 1 cubanelle pepper and 4 large mushrooms liberally dosed with paprika, pepper, adobo seasoning & ground cumin. I let everything soften appropriately, then added the kale. In a different pot we boiled ravioli and then combined the two just prior to serving.

I think this would work with any kind of dumpling, specifically a locally raised sausage dumpling if I had my absolute dream choice. The ravioli were super tasty though, and I have no complaints. I’ll make it again and again. This could easily be converted to a vegan dish by opting for tofu in place of the ravioli, or using a rice noodle dumpling.

I had some leftover canned pumpkin, so I made cream cheese pumpkin muffins and a coffee cake for tomorrow’s breakfast (same batter, different baking dish). There was only a slight bit of cursing and spitting when I realized I didn’t have any ground cinnamon. Loosely translated, that means I had to grate it from sticks. It was fun until I realized how little comes off the grate.

At some point Justin & I agreed that we could probably use the coffee grinder to gnaw the sticks down into the spicy flavoring commonly known as cinnamon. He wouldn’t let me grind nuts in it, though, so I used whole pecans. It all worked out in the end. They are freaking yummy!

We ended up taking a warm one, cutting it in half and enjoying a scoop of banana ice cream on it. I’ve recently become extremely fond of the warm bread + cold cream combination.


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