Japanese Vegetable Pancakes



Uhm… yes. It’s pretty much all I can say.

We broke out the hot sauce for these, but ate them just plain because they were that good. I borrowed the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but adapted it just a little and forwent the sauce.  I scaled her recipe down to make 4 good-sized pancakes.

They reminded me a little bit of Bindaetteok, the Korean Pancakes we made a couple years back, but I think these are even better.  They reminded me a little bit of a “light egg foo young” without all the gravy. Really nice.

We started out with thinly sliced carrot, regular cabbage, kale & onion, then mixed in a pinch of salt, some scallions & a big clove of garlic.

pw7_1Then I mixed in a little flour to coat all the vegetables.

pw7_2And then mixed in 2 lightly-beaten eggs. I heated a pan with hefty tablespoon of peanut oil (high smoke point) and dropped about 1/2c vegetable mix into the pan.



I turned the cakes over after about 3 or so minutes.

pw7_4This is the final cake. I can’t imagine any vegetable that wouldn’t be delicious in this recipe. We have two left over for breakfast in the morning. And with that, Pancake 2014 is officially over (though we may sneak one in for Fat Tuesday).

If you make them, let me know what substitutions you made and how they turned out!





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