International Fluxus Day



According to some Fluxists in Miami, yesterday was named International Fluxus Day. Miami’s Fluxus Day was in honor of Nam June Paik, Fluxus Extraordinaire, who passed last year.

I held s moment of silence that lasted only a moment.

In light of Fluxus, Justin & I allowed the day to take us wherever it felt necessary. The day led us through historic Monterey by foot on a 3 hour trek, landing over 300 photos of our shared experience.

This is part of the entryway to the Whaling Station.
It is made entirely from whale bone.

This is part of the Custom House.
I have no idea what happened here, but it’s a fun place to walk around.

From inside Miriam’s Cafe, looking out to Lighthouse Avenue

We made our way to Miriam’s Cafe and met up with Mary Rose who was filling in for Miriam. Kevin Miller and Janis were breaking from work to get a cuppa joe. With Justin, they spelled out fluxus in front of the ghetto 24-hour laundry.

contrasted with other ways of spelling Fluxus in the landscape:

the third of which was collected while listening to Yoko Ono’s Yes, I’m a Witch inaugural performance at Recycled Records with ReneeNae.


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