I always knew Microsoft was the Devil

I’ve been giving consideration to the idea that possibly one might be able to judge a person’s character (to an extent) by the kind of computer they use.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Microsoft. Not for any real political reasons usually, just that I have found in my years of PC use it seems that the PC is the computer equivalent to Wal Mart product: a cheap piece of machinery that is not meant to last and certainly should be replaced or fixed all the time which is exactly in line with the pocketbooks of said producers and, ultimately, Microsoft.

Now I know it’s not entirely Microsoft’s fault. They’re simply businesspeople, slaves only to what they create. I understand that just as the cattle rancher of the fifties didn’t realize he’d be adding rendered cow to his feedlot, the Computer Giant is just following technology and trying to stay ahead of the game.

But this morning Justin passed on an article that made me really glad that I am not a part of corporate America. Now Microsoft is making a piece of software that monitors your bodily functions, your productivity and … yes, your mood.

Considering the source of the original article, I was forced to follow links around till I found this: the US Gov’t Patent Office Abstract of said Big Brother Program. I would rather be poor and a prole than be hooked up to one of these machines. It makes you really think about what it means to “be poor.” Really.

Sadly, most of us live in a world where we are bounded by a “for our own good” mentality, usually created by the bourgeoisie because they don’t mind being herded. It’s always been this way, even if your history books tell you otherwise. Fact is, History is written by the same set of middle class that attempts to be the social shepherd it so desperately wants to be. Don’t believe the hype.

It’s better underground.

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