Hula Hoopin’

As it has passed from spring to summer (and almost into fall), I have been ridiculously busy. First with work (which was good) and then with gardening (which is also good), then the usual summer stuff: camping, swimming, feasting but not much documentation. I have a pretty good excuse: I broke my camera lens.

I have since replaced it, but I don’t really like the new lens; it’s too long and so I’m just waiting to scratch up the bones to buy a shorter one. Meanwhile, I have been making things. Lots of things.

My newest hobby1: hula hooping and making hula hoops. Hula hoops are a lot of fun to use and to make, and so the apartment is pretty much overrun with coils of tubing. Sigh.

It wasn’t long after I started making hoops that I decided I needed an LED hoop. It’s the most fun a girl can have by herself. Seriously. I didn’t make the LED hoop, though I had tried making one before I bought this. It turned out that the money it would have cost me to make my own would have been more than it would cost to just buy one, so I did.


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