Hot Pita Lovin’



I saw a recipe on for Pita bread and recalled I had a can of chickpeas in the pantry that would make a super nice hummus. Paired up with the falafel and the bounty of vegetables we have on hand.. well, it was a formula for Mediterranean Night!

Pita is fairly easy to make, but mine didn’t puff up as nice as I would have liked. Because it was my first time, I didn’t get worked up over it, instead I conducted a series of tests.


First I rolled out the dough very thin to see what would happen. Basically I found that too thin (under 1/4″) was too thin.

Then I rolled it a little thicker and those puffed up nice, but I think the oven was too cooled to make them puff all the way (from opening the door to check on them).

So the last experiment was to try them on the stove with my cast iron skillet, and that won. That was the best way, by far. The pita puffed way up, super high and de-lishuss.

The recipe was simple enough – much like tortillas, except pitas use yeast. Here’s the recipe at the Fresh Loaf.


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