Horses Dig Me.

Saturday is market day in the Lewis/Marion household, so Justin & I made our way to downtown Providence for Winter Market & to catch transit to the East Side Market.

At Winter Market, I picked up a 5lbs mix of lovely apples, some gigantic citrus and some cheese and put them in my green messenger bag like so:

When we were just getting to our transit to trolly-transfer there were some cops who were just getting their horses together to take back to horseville or something. This really beautiful stallion (uhm.. so terribly obvious – a stallion) was staring me down. I walked up closer and asked “is he nice?” “Oh, sure!” says Cop.

I put my hand out for him (the horse, not the cop) to sniff and he comes closer and I pet him and tell him how I promise, I’d never eat him and how pretty he is even for a boy and such other nonsense as appropriate in the delicate woo of horsespeak.

Then he comes in very close and nuzzles up against my side and I’m like “Oh! What a lover you are!” and I’m petting him and going on and on until he seemed a little heavy lipped near my sides.

It was then I realized my faithful green messenger bag was filled almost exclusively with Grade A, primo, local and/or organic Horse Food.


“Oh! Apples! I have apples in my bag!”

The Cop put him in the trailer, so I went in the other side and gave the stallion an apple and then I gave one to the mare, too.

You can see part of the stallion (black) to the left of the picture below (where I stood to feed him the apple).

Super fun.

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