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Herb Bouquets Rock

Basil, Thyme, Rosemary & Wildflowers

The Community Garden gets a lot more sun than my shady grove of a backyard and we’ve got the basil to prove it. I’ve harvested a ton of basil and every time I go back up there’s more to harvest. We don’t want the plants to get bitter, and we want them also to have lovely wooden stems, so it’s necessary to cut them back and often.

So we went up today to get some squash (ridiculously abundant vegetable) and see what else needed to be trimmed back for more fruit production. Basically, it was only basil and squash that’s ready.

So I started making bouquets with the cut basil and other herbs that I’m not quite ready to use, but don’t want to waste yet either. I realize how Martha Stewart this is, and I’m doing it anyway.

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