Handmade Corn Tortillas & Black Bean Soup

Super Tasty!

I had no idea corn tortillas were so easy to make. now, mine look a little funny because I hand-rolled them but one of my next purchases is going to be a tortilla press because this is stupid fast, cheap and easy. I can’t even justify the $2 for a bag of corn tortillas – not for price nor for taste (but maybe for looks without a press)!

Corn tortillas are very lean. 1 cup of masa is about 400 calories and that will make about 8 tortillas. That makes about 50calories per tortilla. Not too shabby. That’s about in line with store-purchased corn tortillas – maybe just a tad shy.

This is something that would be GREAT to do with children. It’s easy, fast and not very messy.

The soup weighs in at 275cals and 12 (count ’em) grams of fiber. We paired all this up with our standard green salad that comes in at around 200cals, dressing included makes a pretty spectacular dinner for under 700 calories.

“Real world” equivalents?

  • Two bean burritos at Taco Bell = 740cals.
  • 4 12oz cans of not-diet soda = 600cals.
  • “premium” sandwiches at fast food restaurants average 700-800cals.

All that calorie savings granted us the opportunity for a lovely Danish to be enjoyed as a later indulgence.

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