Okay… so I was talking with Jesse (brother outlaw) and he made me aware of an interesting (?) trend in our collective American home decor choices.

Yessir. I’m talkin blinged “terlit seats” (my favorite sister’s expression), somehow a trend in using money as actual toilet decor.

Now, if you have a toilet seat like this, allow me to congratulate you on your entry to tackyland. Especially if you chose version two with the stunning $1 bills. Wow, you can piss under ten whole dollars, you big roller, you!

I’d expect someone who had a seat like this to also own a FloBee haircutting device and with it sport one hell of a mullet. He or she might drink a LOT of cheap whiskey, alone. Very alone. In mom’s basement. Under a leaky pipe.

I suppose in that case, this might be the only joy, in which it would be special and for which I would not rib. And as a gag, I think it’s funny… but as decor? I can’t even imagine what the rest of the place would look like.

What’s worse is that I saw a price tag for sixty dollars on it! I’m not even sure what the implications of such a price means!

I’m no expert, but I don’t really think one needs to be an expert in home decor to recognize this as a truly terrifying example of our gluttonous consumerism gone terribly awry. Please, please, step away from the seat.