Gone Bananas!



Okay, we know this is totally decadent, but hey… when you’ve got four extra ripe bananas, you have to do *something* with them.

First I made a banana ice cream with:

  1. 1c half & half
  2. 1c whole milk
  3. 1/4c sugar
  4. 1 banana, broken or mashed

Most ice cream recipes suggest using almost a cup of sugar, but since I was planning on using a very ripe banana, I cut the sugar down to 1/4c. Plus, I don’t like things to be too sweet.

Through nutritiondata.com the ice cream is reported at 115cals for 1/6 of the recipe I made (yay!)

While the ice cream was churning, I made a banana bread, but instead of shortening, butter or oil in the batter I used a blended aging apple mixed with orange juice. Then when I prepared the pan, I used about 1tbs of butter for a release (which worked unbelievably well plus gave a nice richness to the crust without the extra calorie load in the bread). I say use it liberally where it counts, yo.

Through nutritiondata.com the banana bread weighs in at 147cals for 1/12 of the loaf which is probably just a bit more than we had in our bowls.

Plus 1/2 a banana to use up all of them.

Through nutritiondata.com a whole banana is 121, so we count to about 60 for our half.

When I made my last order through King Arthur I was given some hot fudge sauce as a free gift. It’s easy to make small amounts, which is nice, but I think the small amount recipe, for J & me could be halved again, so there’s another way to cut calories if we felt like it.

Hot fudge sauce: 75cals.

Total Calorie Load for one amazing dessert: about 400 luscious calories. Totally fair.


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