Garden Update



The good news is that everything is growing! And seemingly (without jinxing or hexing) growing well. All except the raspberry bush, which is pretty much still one ugly stalk with a couple of burnt up leaves. Of course, I don’t have a picture of that.. instead, a lovely little preview of (what I believe to be) baby blueberries!

I did a ton of transplanting today and still have a ton to do tomorrow morning & afternoon before the Death Cab for Cutie Concert for which Justin won tickets last month! I’ll try to post images of the newest babies tomorrow. Almost all the seedlings of the second round have sprouted, and so into tiny peat pots they went and in a few weeks I can start hardening them to outdoor living.

Some of the plants are well on their way to producing something – even if that something is only big leaves. But hey.. I can’t complain. Just a few years ago I couldn’t even keep succulents alive.

The grapes (above) haven’t shown any prospect of bearing fruit but I’m not too worried about it. If I got anything this year it probably wouldn’t be much anyway. Besides, there’s a grape hook-up across the street, which I’ve been eyeballing and looking very much forward to harvesting on the semi-sly.

The little moldy pots above are holding strawberry tops: leftovers from an informal dinner party we threw a few days back. I would normally just compost the tops, but then I remembered something about strawberries containing something like 200 seeds per berry (and therefore maybe 10-20 on each top), so I thought I’d put them in the dirt and see what happens. If they sprout I’ll bring them to the Community Garden for the kids. The sprouted version to the left is cantaloupe which I will be bringing to plant at the Community Garden later this month.

Like the strawberries, I planted some cherry tomato by way of some that I bought to eat, but went a little stale, so instead of composting them, I cut them in half and planted them. They’re almost ready to be transplanted.

Above is big, bad Joe Tomato. I bought this plant already started as a backup in case my tomato seedlings didn’t actually grow. It has doubled in size since I potted it and I’m probably going to have to plant it in the ground after all.

Another backup plant I bought was this pepper plant, which seems to have some start of fruit bearing between the very topmost set of leaves. I’m not certain whether it’s fruit or a bundle of small leaves.

The peas have already started to climb, which pleases me immensely. About a week ago I found one vine started to climb, but I got so excited by it, I accidentally unwound it, and I thought it might die, but it made an extra curl instead and then a different start attached itself and now I think we’re in the clear.

And this strawberry plant shot out a brand new leaf today, which was exhilaratingly exhilarating. This was also a backup strawberry plant I bought at Good Earth a couple weeks ago. Next week I’ll be able to start my herbs & greens


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