Garden Update



Of course,  gardening takes up a significant portion of my obsessionspace. I started all my plants from seed this year, but I’m most proud of my peppers. I’ve never had good luck with growing peppers from seed, but this year, they just took off.

These are not only peppers I grew from seed, they are cherry bombs that I grew from seed that I harvested from last year’s harvest.

At about mid-June I realized that, basically, I had planted salsa in my plot, and not much else. Sure, a couple carrots, garlic, some kale and broccoli, but really, all I have left are peppers, tomatoes & tomatillos. And a lot of ’em. So now that it’s late August, we’ve been eating almost exclusively the S’s: salads, smoothies, soups, sandwiches or salsa on chips.


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