Garden Update



So we made our way to the Hope Street Farmer’s market today by bike, which was nice, but along the way we ran across this giant yard sale-like experience, and of course, there were plants.

My addiction is in full swing. There was a guy there selling these FANTASTIC everbearing strawberry plants, which – when we finally got it home and unraveled the runners – turned out to be about 5 feet long. Now I’m researching ways to plant the runners and get baby plants.

I placed the strawberry plant out on the porch with the blueberry plant because earlier this morning, I found my first strawberries on a different plant eaten by the neighborhood birds… GRAR! So I’m not taking chances with this one.

The Blueberry plant is doing really well. It’s got lots and lots of flowers (potential berries) and the leaves are long and vibrant green. I’m especially pleased with them so far.

Yesterday was busy, too. I started all the herbs from seed that I have: Dill, Basil, Oregano, Garlic Chives, Cress, Cilantro, Summer Savory and Marjoram.

I also started some more cucumbers because I sort of slagged on my seedlings while Borba was here (my fault, not his). And while I was at it, I started some cabbage. We’ll see how those go in about 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, the Poblano peppers I started from dinner waste were ready to be separated, so I did half of them yesterday:

Not all of those are peppers, there are a couple tomato plants and one wayward carrot.

The squash is going really well, too… though this was the only plant that made it out of the four I started so as soon as the herbs are transplanted, I’ll sow some more.

The peas are just about to start putting out fruit, which is great because I just saw a recipe for fresh peas with a garlic cream sauce and pasta shells that I’m more than excited to try!

So it ended up to be that it was necessary to dig up a chunk of the yard to plant extras that I either didn’t have pots for or that were getting too big for pots. For the moment I only have about a third of it planted with Iceburg Lettuce, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Kale and Portuguese Kale, but in a couple weeks it’s going to become very full.

This is the "Big Boy" tomato plant that is doing exceptionally well, though I think I’ll probably have to put it in the ground at some point.



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