Gammon Commission Update

Well, the piece has taken a turn for the better of it, but not for me. 🙂 There was a large chunk I had originally intended to stitch onto another large chunk, but as I came closer to the time it needed to be stitched, I realized that the two pieces were really never destined to be together. I considered building a bridge for the space between the two pieces, and partially did so until it was just far too evident that the two pieces do not belong.

The projected finish size of the piece is around 40″x60″ and is one of the most ambitious projects I have ever started. The funny thing about ambition though, is that when it’s all said and done it’s really something to feel good about.

The piece is entirely machine stitched, some of it satin stitched and some of it a tight zigzag stitch. Most of the leather pieces are picked at random, only on occasion picked on purpose for fit or color cohesion.

The leather pieces are swatches that were aimed for the landfill. I have about a six inch border to place, some work to do on the left hand side (where the original big chunk was to go) to balance out the right, and then a full border and puckering removed as much as possible.

Yay! There’s a tiny bit of light at the end of my tunnel…. oh, wait. That’s just my sewing machine.

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