French Onion Soup & Fresh Crusty Bread



We made pizzas a few nights ago, and i had about half the dough left over just sitting in the fridge, deliciousifying. So when Justin brought up the idea of French Onion Soup,  I was >> all over << that.

Today is a busy day, though, and the kitchen stuff has to be done in order. I also am cooking off some maple sap to make syrup, so I didn’t want the onion nor bread to disturb the syrup flavor. I’m not sure that it even would, but all the same, I figured I ought to start dinner first and then go from there.

And as luck would have it, we were somehow out of cheesecloth, which we need to strain the maple sap, more of which I’ll get into later. So I sent Justin to the store to get more cheesecloth and also, while he was in the neighborhood to stop into the thrift store to get some onion soup pots.

Meanwhile, I sauteed a large onion in olive oil & a little butter and 2 cloves of garlic. I dissolved a vegetable bouillon cube in a cup of hot water, mixed, poured into the pan and then put the pan under the broiler while the bread baked. The onions came out perfectly browned and caramelized.

The frugal side of me got excited about being able to turn off the stove burner and just use the residual broiler heat from the bread. This kind of thing gives me the deepest satisfaction.

I transferred all the onion & liquid into a small pot, added 2 cups of water, some herbs de provence, red pepper flakes & Cavender’s Greek seasoning (our secret weapon to all things delicious) and brought to a boil, then turned off the heat to wait for Justin’s return.



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