For the love of guacamole



My good heavens, do we ever LOVE guacamole. Both Justin & I have our own methods of preparing it. His is garlicky and chunky, full of flavor, but really focuses on that sweet and delicious avocado. Mine is more like a real dip, extended with gracious amounts of peppers, onions, shallots, coriander and cherry tomatoes. Seriously, we eat this stuff at least once a week.

Which leaves me with a lot of avocado pits.

Avocado pits are ridiculously easy to sprout, and my love of sprouting things makes them impossible to throw in the compost: I just can’t. But it got to the point where our window sill and entire kitchen counter was COVERED in avocado pits.


What is a girl to do? A perfectly good houseplant is just around the corner (as is Christmas!). I have been wanting to make shelves for the windows for as long as I can remember, but it would mean I’d have to go somewhere to get wood, then use screws or something to secure them… and really, “ain’ nobody got time f”dat.”

So I thought, “hey! I wonder if I could macrame a continuous jar hanger in the window.” And so I tried with one strand and it worked!


And that was cool, and everything, but I didn’t so much enjoy all of the jars being exactly the same in the hanger, so I did another, then another, and, well… you can see how it goes from there!


And that was really cool, but nowhere NEAR as cool as how it looked at NIGHT!


You can even see to the left a couple stray avocado pits. Currently there are about 9 on the counter, so I’ll have to take the ones that have sprouted out of the jars, actually pot them with dirt, and then put these new pits in the window.

I will probably do this on all my windows because I think it is just  so lovely while adding a bit of privacy.


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