First steps on Nonna’s coat

January 5, 2023

I was able to remove successfuly the leftover sleeve liners without damaging the stabilizing twill. It needs a steam and brush, which makes me wonder if I could use that lavender wool cleaner in my steam iron, or at least in my new (vintage) steamer. Note to self to check.

I was also able to restitch the collar and some of the fur that wiggled loose.

I gave the coat a good brushing and took notes of any worn spots or moth holes.

Tomonrow, I hope to test the liner shapes against the inside of the coat.

It seems to be about the same size as the “Mill Coat,” and roughly the same shape. I bought three yards of the liner, so I can run a test without too much worry.

Tomorrow, I’ll (also) work on pocket bags and any necessary seam reinforcements.

Edited to add: I tried out the new-to-us steamer and it works very well. It took out a big crease in the collar which didn’t allow it to lay properly.


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