First Altered Coat

I found this coat at Saver’s Thrift for $20 and it fit me really nice except it was too baggy in the arms and chest. I didn’t mind the flare in the skirt, but wanted to take it in some to be a bit more fitted and tailored through the bodice.

I took approximately six inches out of the sides and probably 4 from the arms except for the cuffs, which I left wide, so they’re almost like a long “bell” shape now. I had intention to put darts in the front and back except when I originally started messing around with it, I took too much off of one side and so if I had put the darts in, it would have hung funny. Instead, to cinch the waist a little better, I moved the bottom clasp to just under the breast and let the skirt flow open.

When I have opportunity to wear it, I will get a photograph in it because it’s hard to see the fit with it on the mannequin. it’s still loose but fits a little better is all.

It fits nicely, though I probably should have done some other things differently instead of just “going for it.” Next time, next time.

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