And in the mail today!

I actually finished this piece about 3 weeks ago, but was going to send it back with Borba to California. His bag was too full already and they’ve started doing some sort of weight-fee at the airports for carry-ons, so we decided to just mail it.

I’m not sure which side I like better. I intentionally  left the swatch labels on the back to keep the integrity of the materials in place.

The piece should be hung away from the wall for peeking’s sake. I also thought it might be neat to install lights behind it for my favorite “halo effect”, but I’m not sure if that’s going too far overboard. I suppose I’ll leave it up to the Gammons to decide.

I couldn’t pin the leather together, so I used masking tape. I removed the first couple strips, but then decided that I enjoyed the addition of the tape to the overall effect of the back side. Our friend Murray noted that the whole piece should age very well.

The leathers are top-grade swatches, with the color meant to be in living situations, so I’m certain the color shouldn’t fade much on either side, but the paper will… which will be nice.

But that’s not to say that I don’t like the front, I do. I did a lot of free-stitching in “organic” or “earthy” ideas and utilized extra scraps to bind to the fabrics. I also used several different colors of thread and different stitch widths to join the pieces.

I’m excited to send it out and even more excited for them to receive it!


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