Excerpt from a letter to a friend

i’m working on some visual symbols.. like now i’m using the word “okay” spelled exactly that way in a lot of my work. it’s less enthusiastic than Yes! or No! but still relatively agreeable which is very pertinent to my pacific northwest/ generation x history… just sort of rolling with whatever for whatever reason, which is also a kind of fluxus ideal. I recently wiki’d “okay” and found its use started around here.. which is only interesting by chance that i started using it once i got here.. like i was some how channeled the “okay” to use “okay”

i used to use the YES dadaFlux mascot, but felt to continue using it might overdo it and lose something along the way. so it’s now, simply, okay.

also it’s a play on words, sort of.. both in its own etymology and because my name starts with a k… so it’s like “oh, k…. [implied.. you silly girl… (also offering a diminutive delivery to a woman who is often very serious about non-seriousness and therefore introducing a hint of feminism into the work) ]” also it’s like a submission to the events of our lives, from the pleasant to the not pleasant by being okay with everything. it’s the buddhist philosophy of non-attachment. i haven’t mastered okay… i’m just starting it.

i think we’re on the same page with integrity. i love the fact that you keep the integrity of your materials intact; that you do not attempt to conceal or hide the identity of your materials; unlike painting, for instance, or bronze or any of the traditional methods, really, where the idea is to make a retinal work out of the materials that are lost in the process.. a painting is usually not about paint, so much, as it is about the image the paint conveys. this is why i’m having trouble painting these days. it just seems so fake. i’d like to find a happy medium somewhere (ha!) all i care about is truth and integrity and doing the best that we have opportunity to do with our lives. to give back more than we take and to take only what we need.

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