Double Feature

January 9, 2023

It’s a double feature project plan.

Project A: Milkweed floss capelet.

This will likely take more than one growing season to collect enough floss to cover the capelet, but I have a p pretty good start to my collection.

Project B: Reclaimed woolen winter dirndl blouse, whicg I believe is called a trache, but not certain).

Last Halloween, I bought a wool skirt for my Maria Von Trapp costume, but I actually already had the perfect skirt in my closet, so I am up-cycling the skirt and liner for this project.

I hope to do some hand embroidery in either Germanic or Norwegian motifs which remind me of grandmothers in all places, some of which I had and others I have invented.

I started tonight by locating each pattern set and ironing the patterns flat.

Next, I have to consider the fabric choice to support the milkweed floss, and do some math calculations to approximate weight. I’m thinking a thin broadcloth in a basic white, cream, or maybe even pale blue.

I need to consider the lining, ad if it isn’t too much yardage, maybe I’ll splurge on something extra luxurious.

I don’t know yet; I’m feeling fickle.

Of course, maybe none of this happens and I find myself in 10 weeks, high on pancakes and promise of sunshine with nothing to show for it but the slow burn of bedsores.

We shall see.


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  1. Eve Kerrigan Avatar
    Eve Kerrigan

    High on pancakes. …slow bubeds ores. sores. 😆

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