Diner Pancakes (Lazy Day!)



We went to Dee’s (Bridgeside Diner) for breakfast this morning because we were feeling a little lazy this morning. We allow ourselves to eat out once (or sometimes twice) a week, and Dee’s is one of our favorite places to go because they do all the things we would never. It’s guilt-free and occasional, so  we dig it.


We know these pancakes come out of boxes; we get it. The entire meal including coffee is something like $4.50, so we don’t complain about it, but one time they served margarine  instead of butter and I thought I was going to vomit.  Apparently after noon o’clock, they switch from butter to margarine; or at least that’s the story I got. In any case, it was only one time, thank heavens.


Justin doesn’t usually get the pancakes, but when he does, we have the same methodology for eating the meal. He uses catsup, and I use hot sauce. We eat the potatoes & eggs first with our condiment, then the pancakes. Always in this order. Justin eats them in a stack; I eat them one-by-one.



They serve the syrup in those plastic squeeze bottles… the kind like you would use for catsup or mustard at a cookout, except they are clear. I like to use a little at a time so the cakes don’t soak up too much syrup at a time; Justin likes to smother everything around.

The food at Dee’s is always fair for the price; some days the pancakes are better than others and thankfully, yesterday, they were above par: not too dry and absorbent, but fluffy moist and pretty good for a box mix and sugar syrup.



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