Day Seven: Green Beans are Rockin’ It.

So it has been seven days since I started the seeds, and over the last couple days I’ve been transplanting the ones that were ready into pots. Some of them will need to be thinned out and repotted, but I’m not going to worry about it too much quite yet.


I have to admit: I’m enamored by the green beans. There’s something so oddly beautiful about them, the way that the bean splits in half and a beautiful, well-developed leaf sprouts out of it. And in the beginning, they’re so alien-like. Almost freakishly ugly but with perfectly supple skins housing these tightly-wrapped gigantic leaves. I can tell, too, where the new growth will be and how they will climb high up. I’m pretty sure these will be our strongest crop.


The peas have my attention, too, because their leaves are strange looking to me. They haven’t unfolded yet; today was the first day I was even able to see them sprout, but it’s looking good for them, also.


The cucumbers might do all right. I was able to transplant one really strong seedling, but I think I initially buried all the seeds too deep, so they didn’t sprout right. These two found their way to the surface, while their kin, unfortunately, drowned in rich black earth. I thought carrots had sprouted, and in fact, they did, but what I had seen sprouting was actually a runaway radish. They’re coming along now, but I don’t have a photo.


The grapes are doing very well, in fact I’m even letting them stay outside over night. Same with the raspberries and strawberries.


My neighbor across the street told me that she and her husband (rest his soul) grew grapes every year to make wine with. She says they still grow and that we’re welcome to them later this summer, so I’m going to make her something special with them.

Below: Raspberry bush.. or at least the beginning.


The neighbors are totally on top of it. They started their seeds weeks ago.


They’ve got a stockpile of peppers. I can’t wait to watch them grow!

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