I want to take a few moments today to reflect on the importance of DaDa & Fluxus.

Fluxus and Dada are two separate things, yes, but one thing they share is an “anti-art” pretext. Of course, Fluxus and Dada aren’t anti-art and yet, somehow they are anti-art; this duality being especially important in everything that matters, art notwithstanding.

What this means is everything is and everything is not art. The things one might consider “art” are considered garbage. The things that are considered “garbage” are considered art. And sometimes not. I guess it’s all in who does the looking. And the context in which it is looked.

Fluxus and DaDa are elements of a way of life, like Buddhism, but mostly what these ideas encourage is individuality and experimentation. These qualities are what attract me to such a philosophy, regardless of what we call it. If always we start at the same place, why start at all?

Recently several members of the FluxList (a list on which I follow and sometimes post) posted videos of ordinary people doing really extraordinary things. A guy that plays guitar with a spoon and A medical video of red blood cell functions. Sometimes these posts are responded with other posts of odd or non-traditional things. Sometimes the people on the list post their own videos or drawings or poems or thoughts and it’s all really just beautiful – all of it – collectively. I’m lucky to know them and to be reminded that in a world that is portrayed as very bland by those that wish to package and sell the interesting, there are many interesting things happening that aren’t looking to be sold and packaged. This is what DaDa and Fluxus are to me and that is why I subscribe to its ridiculousness.

Influxingly yours…

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