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This morning I woke up with a hankering for some straight-up-fresh-pressed green juice.

I don’t usually like to buy fresh-pressed juices because they’re ridiculously expensive and I am ridiculously frugal. The past few weeks, though, I’ve been looking at juicers and wondering if I should buy one.

Our friend, Pierre, gave us one a while back. It was very good, but we didn’t use it very often. When he started up on a new morning juice ritual of his own, I gave it back to him.  That was probably three or four months ago, and just today I got the hankering, so I guess it really is a better deal to just buy a juice now and again.

I thought I’d stop into Benefit Juice bar on my way home from yoga, but the logistics didn’t really work out once I thought it through.  So Justin & I made a plan to head up to Wildflour after work. I remembered that I had “earned” a free coffee, and that could help offset the price of the juice a little bit.

And am I ever glad I did; I mean look at this beauty!


I got the Alkalizer, which was so freaking good, I actually felt good about its $8 price tag.  It’s made with Apple, Lemon, Ginger & Cayenne Juice. It bites you in the back of the throat, but just enough. It’s sour, spicy, and a little bitter, but in all the best ways possible.  Plus, it’s just beautiful.

We browsed the newest issue of VegNews, too, which had some great ideas for salad toppings and a pretty sweet basic recipe for adult pop tarts which I’m anxious to try.