Corn Fed Fish

Does it seem strange to you that American Agribusiness would consider feeding corn to salmon to “fatten them up” for retail?

Well, I suppose we live in a strange world. And we are what we eat, as they say… When we eat meats that are quickly fattened with corn, it shouldn’t be any surprise that our waistlines feel the impact. It’s not as much a vanity thing as it might sound.

Toxins are often stored in fatty tissue, that’s why obesity is such a problem. It’s not the unsightliness at all, in fact, I’ve personally known many people in my life who are clinically obese and absolutely beautiful and attractive to other people as well – myself included! The problem is twofold – as a nation, we’re consuming obese meats, and these meats are storing toxic chemicals in their fat as well, which we consume and then store in our fat. A side of industrial corn just gives more fatty pockets to store more toxins – you see how it works out.

But most of us know the dangers of eating Agrifarmed Meats; how many of us consider Salmon to be a part of this collective?

In an article about the ingestion of Omega3s and Omega6s, Dr. Martha Grout discusses corn-fed fish and the destruction of a natural cycle:

“Farmed fish are typically fed a diet of fish flakes made from corn, cereal grains, oil, ground up fish and additives like red dye to give them a stronger orange color.

Farmed fish are raised in the watery equivalent of a feedlot; they call them aquafarms and there is much discussion about how aquafarming may be polluting the oceans and therefore the wild fish as well. What we do know is that the crowded conditions require farmed fish to be dosed with antibiotics and exposed to more concentrated pesticides than their wild kin. Sulfa drugs and tetracycline used to prevent infectious disease epidemics are added to food pellet mixes.

In the wild, salmon absorb carotenoids from eating pink krill. In the aquafarm, their color comes from canthaxanthin, a synthetic pigment manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche.

source article

This sounds uncannily familiar. What we’ve done to chickens, cows & pigs, we’re extending now to fish. Now is the time to support your local fishermen and purchase only naturally harvested seafood or fish that declares it has been caught in the wild. Your dollar helps hold the fishing industry responsible and in return you get to play an invaluable role in shaping the world away from corporate agribusiness.

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