Chinese Rox!

Unfortuantely, the captions on this video are unavailable because the actual footage is somehow jacked up and every time I try to put them on, it gets terrible.

Chinese Style Vegetables over brown rice.. uh.. the shiz?! Yes!

Nutrition Information (because it’s kind of fuzzy in the video)

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If I lived near you, I’d buy up all your extra eggs. We love eggs. I mean, srsly, we love them.

I’m trying to get the right version of this video to show because it skips the final presentation AND the freaking calorie info…

it’s about 370cals for a pretty hefty bowl. not a bad deal at all..

also with the carrots.. another way is to put them through the cheese grater on the big hole. i never skin them, either…

Very Nice – I didn’t think to put egg in my stir fry. I need to find new uses for eggs because my chickens are really putting out. Also I did not know how to cut up a carrot right, really I had no idea how to slice them the way you do. I cut them like potatoes – now I know how to make them thin & long. Thank You.

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