Cheesy Jalapeno Toast

weekold sourdough , grated cheese, jalepeno spread, mayonnaise, oven at 300 for 15 minutes or until bubbly

as many of you know, justin & i have been working on ways to decrease monies spent on food without sacrificing quality.

i had some leftoveer sourdough from a week ago’s shopping trip. i never waste bread. even if it means i have to freeze it and later use it for something else, i’ll do whatever it takes. anyway, the bread was .75c a round at safeway and pretty tasty. a few days ago at smart & final, justin & i chanced a purchase on this jalepeno spread.. it’s freaking delicious.

a jar twice this size at Smart and Final was something like $3. I used a tablespoon total for mix, so let’s call that 10c worth or something.

i used about a tablespoon of mayo, too… call that .25

one ounce of grated cheese .85c

total cost for 6 slices of cheesy jalepeno toast = 1.95 or 33c each.

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