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Pomegranate Pluckin’

I love pomegranates. I mean, I really, really love them.  A good pomegranate is tough to find until about Thanksgiving, and I can see they’re already starting to lose their vigor and it’s only early January. They are the thing that push me to enjoy the darkest days of Autumn, right into Winter. I was […]

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Hot Pepper Sauce

Whenever Justin or I go grocery shopping, we always hit the “reduced produce” aisle. The best thing about the reduced produce aisle is that much of the stuff just looks bad, but isn’t. At least not yet. Tonight, they had a bunch of hot peppers that were all wrinkled and turning red (the best kind!). […]

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Ginger Bug’s A-Brewin

This last six months or so, I’ve been kind of fascinated and obsessed with fermented things. It started with sourdough many years ago. It moved firmly into kefir  & sauerkraut  this fall and now into mildly alcoholic brews, namely ginger ale. Justin & I gave up commercial soda in August, but occasionally we crave a sweet […]

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Sept 20, Grocery Project

Things are moving along smoothly as we make our transition from summer to autumn in New England. The nights and mornings are noticeably chillier; the sun is a bit weaker and sets earlier. I have started bringing my plants in as well as re-potted many indoor plants that had outgrown their homes over the summer. […]

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New Plant Projects

I have a few plant projects going right now that I’m most excited about.  First, there’s the “avocado forest,” which consists of every avocado pit that our neighbor Stephanie, Justin and I have eaten for probably the last year. There are plants in all stages of growth, some as old as two years; others as […]