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Pickled Purslane

I love purslane. The first time I had purslane was when I was invited to a former student’s house for lunch. She made a traditional Mexican pork stew with “verdolagas” or what we call purslane, tomatillos (another favorite) and peppers. It was delicious. I’ve never been much of a meat-eater, and the pork was fine […]

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Chickpea Chronicles

In mid-May, I was just crazy about sprouting things. I was sprouting our regular spicy seed mix (sandwiches & salads) that we get at The Green Grocer, but also mung beans for nime chow, and chickpeas for hummus. Before we ground up the chickpeas into sprouted hummus and falafel (both delicious, by the way), I […]

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Kitchen Garden

The little cottage garden is starting to really come together. Justin & I have been collecting our pistachio & peanut shells since September. Originally, I had planned to use them as mulch for the garden beds, but then when I realized that the mulch for the ground around the sideyard area was worn and thin, […]

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Short harvest

It’s been hot and dry the past couple weeks here, so I’ve been trying to get to the garden every other day or so to water. Yesterday, I noticed some of the garlic was 2/3 brown, and ready to pull. This year, I tried an experiment and planted the peppers in between the garlic to […]

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Purslane and baby beet greens

I thinned our baby beets and cleared much of the purslane, but grabbed some choice clusters to pack into our tacos later.

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It’s windy, warm, and projected to rain. All the reasons I bring our houseplants out for the day. This beautiful Bay Laurel is about four years old. I bought it from Seven Arrows Farm in Attleboro, and it has served me well. All year long, I’m able to pluck from it, and though it has […]

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Vegetable Sandwich & Blubharb Tarts

I’m falling way behind, folks, but I’m in for the month!  I’m not going to blog the repeats that we eat because we tend to eat the same things over and over; however, this sandwich – while it is a relative staple on our lunch menu – was extraordinary and worth blogging about.  Justin picks up these great rolls […]

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Leftovers all day.

We don’t have anything terribly new to report: we had leftovers all day. For breakfast we had our stand-by tofu, beans & potato burrito; for lunch we had the last of the tacos; for dinner I had the last of the spaghetti sauce (I went to a pasta-dinner fundraiser for a friend’s niece, and was […]

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The Feels of Springtime

There’s, like, eight feet of snow outside. We can’t even open the back door. I’ve been digging out the back door by harvesting snow to feed my carnivorous plants (they are fickle and don’t like city water). Meanwhile, INSIDE the apartment, it’s like some kind of freakshow blooming parade! An orchid that bloomed a couple weeks […]

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All Signs Point

Oh. My. Stars. My friend, Petra, invited me to go with her, her husband and her sister to Niantic for their annual pilgrimage to the 30% off book sale at the Book Barn.  So first of all: The Book Barn. My first visit to The Book Barn was with my dear friend Eggie a few […]

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Ginger Ale

We’ve poured our first batch of ginger ale, and it’s pretty exciting.  We made the wort out of ginger & sugar, then added lemon, vanilla and ginger bug when everything cooled. Because we keep our apartment cold by American standards (60F), we kept the ale on top of the stove so it could capture a little extra […]

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Fire Cider Experiment

  So a few months ago – or maybe even a year – there was some kind of scuffle going around the interwebz about this Fire Cider business. My favorite local herbalist was in a twist over some company trying to copyright the name “Fire Cider,” which is an herbal remedy spanning way before copyrights […]

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Pomegranate Pluckin’

I love pomegranates. I mean, I really, really love them.  A good pomegranate is tough to find until about Thanksgiving, and I can see they’re already starting to lose their vigor and it’s only early January. They are the thing that push me to enjoy the darkest days of Autumn, right into Winter. I was […]

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Hot Pepper Sauce

Whenever Justin or I go grocery shopping, we always hit the “reduced produce” aisle. The best thing about the reduced produce aisle is that much of the stuff just looks bad, but isn’t. At least not yet. Tonight, they had a bunch of hot peppers that were all wrinkled and turning red (the best kind!). […]

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Ginger Bug’s A-Brewin

This last six months or so, I’ve been kind of fascinated and obsessed with fermented things. It started with sourdough many years ago. It moved firmly into kefir  & sauerkraut  this fall and now into mildly alcoholic brews, namely ginger ale. Justin & I gave up commercial soda in August, but occasionally we crave a sweet […]