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#baghag for lyfe

Baghaggin like a real hag these days. When I moved my stuff out of the classroom this spring, I found a big box of balled up plastic bag yarn that I guess I must have balled up over the last couple of years. It’s all separated by color and texture. I remember doing it, but […]

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Potholes & Whole30 Sushi

Ugh, so today was such a weird (but overall good) day. On my way to tap class last night, I hit an enormous, unavoidable pothole on 95N (right in front of the mall); it ate my hubcap and bent my rim. I didn’t notice the rim was bent until this morning; in fact, I hadn’t […]

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Bag of Bags

My bag of bags is finally finished! I used probably about 100 one-use plastic bags to make this multi use bag. It took about a month to make, but I wasn’t consistent in knitting time, just little by little. Also, I found that the little produce bags were the nicest to knit. Very silky. I […]