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Ginger Nice Cream Sandwiches

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in past posts, but it’s hot. I mean real hot. Additionally, it’s been that Covid hot that disallows visits to the beach, or anywhere, really, because people are such asshats you can’t go anywhere without them breathing all over you. Add to it a stomachache which can only be healed […]

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More Pickles

As is custom to this time of year, we are beginning to pickle just about everything. This time it’s the pepperoncini and mouse melons we grew at home. Most of the peppers we grow were started from seed right here at home, but not the pepperoncini. I suppose that’s why I’m already able to harvest […]

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Pickled Purslane

I love purslane. The first time I had purslane was when I was invited to a former student’s house for lunch. She made a traditional Mexican pork stew with “verdolagas” or what we call purslane, tomatillos (another favorite) and peppers. It was delicious. I’ve never been much of a meat-eater, and the pork was fine […]

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Real fruit popsicles

Today is the kind of day where you feel like you are covered in mucus. It is so ridiculously hot, that even my own skin bothers me. I ache to peel it from my bones, but it’s a bad idea. In our series of cold comfort foods, Justin and I made, preemptively, fruit popsicles. These […]

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Sushi Time

It’s hot here. It’s mid July, and we’re hot. All we want are cold foods, so last night we made sushi for today’s lunch. This is one of my favorite home combinations. We make teriyaki tofu, shredded beets, beet greens, shredded carrots, and (of course) sushi rice. In the Before Times, Justin and I used […]

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Chickpea Chronicles

In mid-May, I was just crazy about sprouting things. I was sprouting our regular spicy seed mix (sandwiches & salads) that we get at The Green Grocer, but also mung beans for nime chow, and chickpeas for hummus. Before we ground up the chickpeas into sprouted hummus and falafel (both delicious, by the way), I […]

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Kitchen Garden

The little cottage garden is starting to really come together. Justin & I have been collecting our pistachio & peanut shells since September. Originally, I had planned to use them as mulch for the garden beds, but then when I realized that the mulch for the ground around the sideyard area was worn and thin, […]

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Short harvest

It’s been hot and dry the past couple weeks here, so I’ve been trying to get to the garden every other day or so to water. Yesterday, I noticed some of the garlic was 2/3 brown, and ready to pull. This year, I tried an experiment and planted the peppers in between the garlic to […]

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Purslane and baby beet greens

I thinned our baby beets and cleared much of the purslane, but grabbed some choice clusters to pack into our tacos later.

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But what do you eat on vegetarian Whole30?

We’re on our second round of vegetarian Whole30, and it has gotten to the point that when people ask me what we eat on such a “restrictive” diet, I sometimes don’t even know because it’s come to be such a habit. The only thing not vegan in our diet is eggs, and we try not […]

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Potholes & Whole30 Sushi

Ugh, so today was such a weird (but overall good) day. On my way to tap class last night, I hit an enormous, unavoidable pothole on 95N (right in front of the mall); it ate my hubcap and bent my rim. I didn’t notice the rim was bent until this morning; in fact, I hadn’t […]

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Whole30 Chile Relleno

I’m so full right now that I can hardly type, but I wanted to share what just under 400 calories can look like. Let’s look at the profile, tho… 30% of daily recommended protein w/o the flesh? LOL Nearly 50% rda fiber? And the other nutrients aren’t shabby either, look: This is the best. One […]

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Nime Chow Salad

So this salad would not be Whole30 compliant if I were not adapting it for vegetarian. Legumes are off the list for Whole30 if you’re a meat-eater, but I use legumes a little bit, and since peanuts are a legume, they are technically off the menu. That said, I have peanut powder which is super […]

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Whole30 “Lasagne” Soup

Every Sunday is prep day at home, and every Sunday we make a big soup that will carry us through the week. Most of the time, it is what we call “Lasagne” soup. Whole30 restricts grains and dairy, so basically Lasagne soup is really just Tomato vegetable soup, but hey: whatever. We use thinly sliced […]

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Whole30 Compliant Phô

My mood today is much improved. I’m starting to feel more like my regular self – still a little tired, but not too much. I think this is day 6. I’m so glad I had opportunity to go visit with Eve in her new apartment today. It’s so cute! I truly wish we had more […]