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True Intimacy Is Being Awake

This has been a really productive couple of weeks. I’m working out most of the conditions surrounding my forthcoming year-long project: I’ve changed a few things around, tried some different techniques and decided on some project boundaries. The first thing I changed was that I purchased a travel palette, which I like even better than…

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Mere Christianity

A Christian friend of mine loaned me her copy of this book, Mere Christianity, by CS Lewis, so this post will be the surrogate to marginalia, since the book a) is not mine and b) has tiny margins. I thought at first that I would just handwrite on sticky notes, but I think it just…

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Nut & Seed Balls

So Justin & I are observing Lent, despite us not being Catholic, nor even Christian. Still, I feel like it’s a good practice that coincides nicely with the mindfulness practice of Buddhism. This late winter season is one to find a grateful person, if for no other reason than remembering that it’s not always this…

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It happened. Today, it happened.

A couple days ago, I noted how I’ve been struggling with the “last foundational move” of my hooping repertoire. I learned how to do vertical reversals right around the first of January; by the 6th, I could do a barrel roll; by the 12th I could vertically chest hoop (but it would always lean to…