Buguettes: the First Run…



So about a week ago, David mentioned that he was going to a food conference in Richmond and would I bake some bread for the event. Of course I would. He told me he’d like to have the bread for dipping in oil & vinegar, so we agreed that baguettes would be the best choice.

At first I thought I would roll the baguettes in the cricket for a crunchy topping, but later decided that would give rise to too much cricket loss, so I decided that I would try swirling it inside the dough and have it bake through, sort of like a cinnamon roll.

I made one buguette and one baguette for us to compare and snack on while the big buguettes were baking. Both were tasty with a nice soft crumb and chewy crust. I felt that the sweetness of the crickets were a nice compliment to the sour of the dough.

I still found there to be too much cricket loss, so the next buguette I make will have more of a cricket paste, made with freshly ground meal and possibly some spices.

Also while the buguettes were baking, David & I made more cricket flour with his latest captures.


A really fun experiment. We found that freshly toasted crickets produce a bit more oil than the earlier toasted version. I’m considering getting a grain mill (I saw one at the market) to see if we can an even finer grind while retaining the nutritional oils of the fresher crickets.

Keep yer eyes peeled (and in the sockets so as we don’t eat them).


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