Bug Bites



A few nights ago the Gracers dropped by to try to make cricket patties for Dave’s trip to DC this week.

The idea was to make some sort of “hamburger” like substance that could be placed between big bug buns for classic bugtastic summertime chomps.

We mixed the ingredients, then pressed them into a patty using the tortilla press and two sheets of wax paper. It would be totally appropriate to simply use the hands to shape a patty. You can spice the mix any way you like. I like garlic powder, paprika and black pepper.

Then we cooked it on a dry skillet until it was golden brown deliciousness. Srsly, it was pretty good. I think other variations could be to use rice or some other grain in place of the oatmeal, though the oatmeal was perfectly complimentary to the crickets.

The real test is in the taking. My little friend Sunny B tried it…

And then went back for seconds!


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