Breakfast = Awesome.

This is just an update to let you know that the citrus fruit that we picked up at Market yesterday is awesome. I think I remember the woman saying it was a cross between a Tangelo and something else. It’s as big as a grapefruit and could easily be a meal all by itself. We chose to share it.

They also had some grapefruit there of which I had a lovely sliver but did not purchase because we already have a bunch of citrus that needs to be eaten before the end of the week.

Also I found an organic blueberry granola at the Eastside Market (featured on the left, atop yogurt), and it is straight-up tasty. Justin prefers his yogurt with honey, but I prefer mine plain. They also had another option of organic Cranberry Orange Granola, but they were all out. So, too bad for us.

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