Bread Pudding Pancakes (Yisss)



I do not like to waste things.

That is why when we have bread that is about to go stale, we take the ends and put them in a bag in the freezer for bread pudding. I have been doing this for about twenty years.  I love bread pudding, and now I think I love bread pudding pancakes even more.

I found the recipe online, but didn’t follow it wholeheartedly. Basically, I made bread pudding, and then packed it in a square (1 serving) pan.


Oh, and I added cranberries.

It tasted a lot like french toast, which (not coincidentally) tastes a lot like bread pudding. I watched Justin carefully for the first bite. I could tell he was skeptical of this pancake day project; after all, it wasn’t a beautiful pancake (like pineapple pancakes). What it lacked in aesthetics, it truly made up for in taste.


We topped it with a little maple syrup instead of the vanilla custard sauce that is recommended by the recipe. We both noted how each bite was different due to the different kinds of bread that have been kept over the last few months: rye, sourdough, whole wheat sunflower & cinnamon walnut; each bite was a surprise. A lovely surprise.

We will definitely make these again.


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