Boston + Borba = B-licious!



John had been with us for over two weeks when we finally said, “hey.. we oughtta go to Boston!” So we did.

We took the commuter rail from Providence into Boston at a leisurely Noon and worked our way right into lunch at Chinatown. We at at The Pearl for the benefit of its empty dining room and the frugal prices.


We walked all over Boston, from Chinatown to the Common, over to Beacon Hill, then (like total freak tourists) to “the original” Cheers for a beer break:

Then continued on the “Freedom Trail” which basically consists of either a painted red line or inlaid brickwork through historic points of the city. We were looking for the harbor where the Colonists told Britain to screw off and take their tea, too.

We found our way through the Public Gardens, passing Frog Pond. It was such a nice day people were literally draped over mounds of grass and flowers. Squirrels and birds. Puppies and bubbles. Seriously.

We backtracked through the Common to Fennuel Hall/Quincy Market, stopping in at Granary Burial Ground.

We visited this cemetery last Fall with my sister, Tracy. It’s terribly interesting to see the difference in seasons at the graveyard. This white tree is absolutely stunning right now, but in November it was completely bare.

Justin joined one of Jesse’s wooden coins to the other objects on Paul Revere’s tomb:

Onward, we continued to the wharfs then up along the bay to the North End then crossing over the bridge to Charlestown, then took the water taxi back to Long Wharf.

I have to say the water taxi is fantastic and one hell of a bargain at $1.70/way. Sweet.

$1.70. Yes, indeedy.

We must have walked for six hours. We ended up at this funky little pub called “Weggies” snuggled between the financial district and Chinatown just short of the South Station. We couldn’t decide if the name of the pub was referring to a person with a speech impediment or the Bostonian term for pulling someone’s underwear over their head. Either way it was divey and fantastic with a pool table, cheap beer and stiff drinks.


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