Beantown, USA

Yesterday, Jo, Justin & I wen’nup tuh Bahhstun t’see d’ Carolee Schneeman on view uppin neah th’ Yahhd at Havahd.

We gottaselves uppan outta d’house wicked early. Dragged ah asses from the Bucket to Praahv, caught the commutah rail tuh Beantown, ‘n then took the T to the Yahd. Auh lovely host, Jo, took us ‘nthe nickel touhr, which’inn i’ma figgerin wuzabowtta nine dollahs (each!) for the daypass.

This’s th’only ohange fawl tree in th’yahd Too wahm ‘n too dry fah true Fawl cuhlluh, b’we take what we c’ngit. Hahvad’s wher’theh’s alloda bohmas, bahnies anna silvah spoonies.

But summotha cullahs’r wicked bright, yah. A’leest now I k’nsay I went to Havahd an’not be lyinbowdit.

This is a still fuhmmah pefohmance we created all o-vah town. Latah you can readallabowdit inna ahtblahhg, Space Between. I’ll also havva full review o’tha Schneeman stuff, ifyer innerested.

Ahh. Th’Bahston Cahhmmun. Goohwjus, yah?

The cahhmmuhn graveyahhd. We all fahhted innth’ graveyahd juss’cuzzituz funneh.

An’ th’rezzies don’ mind annehweh.

ol’skool clippaht.

This pahttada cahhmmun is especially pastahhrul. Look juss’like the way the o’l painners pain-ed it. We stepped up thru d’cahmmun onna-conna we were headed to Copley.

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