Barton Street Community Garden (Vegetables)



We went up to the garden to water and talk about more plants to pick up to fill the rest of the boxes. It’s just luscious up there. We both became almost immediately hungry at the bounty that should begin in just a few weeks.

Today was the first actual harvest of actual food from the garden. We’ve been able to harvest some greens, herbs and radishes, but today we got squash. We’re so excited. We cut off two and used one on our pizza tonight. Very cool.

The straightneck squash plants are doing incredibly well. Out of the wreckage from the hailstorm, these guys took the hardest beating, but they recovered amazingly, growing bigger than ever in a very short time.

The tomatoes are blooming and we have some green fruits. There must be at least 25 tomato plants in the garden… I’m hoping to find someone to show me how to can this season.

We companion planted a TON of basil with the tomatoes. I read somewhere that the basil promotes fruit production or taste or something on the tomatoes. I’m hoping to hold a class on making homemade pasta and pesto for the kids & their parents at the program that hosts the garden.

The cucumbers are doing exceptionally well. We have several different kinds of cucumbers growing, some specifically for pickling. I’m growing dill here at my house garden to use for own magic pickling spice. yay!

This is one of the more interesting experiments at the garden… the big stalks in front are onion, of course, but the big bushy plants behind the onion are potatoes. I’m so fascinated by the idea of growing potatoes. I understand potatoes are a patient crop; The Slow Cook was harvesting potatoes in January. I’m hoping to start planning out the stuff we can grow over the winter very soon, so as soon as something harvests, we can re-fill the box with another seasonal item that should replenish the soil for next year.

The pumpkins have started throwing out true leaves. This happened almost amazingly fast. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what happens with these. I planted them in a fairly small box, so what I think will need to happen at some point is to build some sort of structure around them and provide the fruits with little “pumpkin hammocks.” I won’t know for some time, still, but I’m excited not only for Jack O’Lanterns, but for pumpkin bisque, muffins & pies. Oh, man!


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