Barton Street Community Garden Project + More Seedlings



Barton Street Community Garden Sign

Justin finished nailing in the letters of the sign together last weekend and we finally got it down to the garden on Tuesday for installation. We luhuhves it. We got a some climbing vines for the base, so at some point, the whole thing should be covered in lovely greenery.

Potato plants from Alison. I’ve never seen potato plants before, but they’re just lovely.

Plus I’m extra excited about these because I grew them from seed. Yay for radishes!

So the other day we went up to install the sign and we hadn’t been able to water because the spigot was broken AND it had been hot for 5 days straight… the plants were all wilted and keeling over half dead. These little cucumbers were looking so terribly poor, partly from the lack of water but also because they were kind of all lumped together and only half planted. I went through and put them all in little rows, and then it rained for 3 days straight. A save!

And here are some cabbage seedlings that I started last week. I also started up some lettuces and more pickling cucumbers and all my herbs (which I think I mentioned on a different post).

Today, in fact, I separated the other soda bottle worth of Poblano peppers and if every one of them turns into a full plant I’ll have close to 200 pepper plants. Thankfully, they won’t all turn into plants, but I’ll be the "good guy" of the neighborhood in a few weeks when they’re ready to gift out.


  1. Kathy Avatar

    So cool–you guys do Rock and are a constant inspiration to me also.

  2. John Borba Avatar
    John Borba

    Have I ever mentioned that you and Justin just simply rock! Good work. You’re an inspiration for us all. Next time someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I’m saying that I want to be just like Marion-Lewis.

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