Baking Baking All the Time

I woke up this morning remembering that we have a half pint of luscious blueberries that need to get eaten up right away. But what to do?

It’s too cold for smoothies, which would be my initial plan for blueberry consumption. Blueberry pancakes? Considering we have half a pan of lasagne left to eat, nix on the pancakes. Then I recalled…Jesse’s muffins. yum. So blueberry bran muffins it is.

I’d like to mention, also, that while I forgot to take a photo of it, applesauce is the easiest thing to make. Seriously. Take an apple, cut it, put it in a food processor or blender (or if you’re hardcore, a mortar and pestle), and puree. Add enough lemon juice and/or water to keep the apples moving, about a tablespoon or two. Not much is necessary.

I never have applesauce on hand because it’s one of those things that I get a taste for, and then don’t really want again for a long time. From now on I’ll always just puree an apple and call it good.

I also had a loaf of bread proofing in the fridge, and of course, it overproofed and fell a little flat, but that’s how it goes sometimes. It will still be tasty and perfect for sandwiches.

This loaf used the last of the Heckers brand flour I’ve been using until I switched to King Arthur, so this loaf is mostly unbleached white flour with just a little bit of stone ground mixed in during the kneading. It also will help the preferment, I think, to have mostly a white sponge for the next batch I make which might be any mix of wheat, whole wheat, unbleached white, rye or oat flour. Besides, we haven’t had a full-on white loaf in a long time, so it’s all good.

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